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Mr. Shyam Sunder Jal, a daily wage labourer, runs an orphanage, named Jasodha Anath Ashram at Gambhariguda, Kalahandi, Orissa since _____ . At the moment, there are 75 children (50 girls and 25 boys) 9 are infants among them, at the Ashram. At present, due to lack of available funds, the building infrastructure lacks with some basic amenities such as separate wings for girls and boys, washroom facilities, individual beddings, separate room for caretaker, proper storage facilities etc. The LBF identified this Ashram and started supporting it since June 2014. As and when, Director, Dr. Kamal Kumar, visits the Ashram, he meets children and distributes clothes, stationery items, books, medicines etc. among them.

The LBF has acknowledged the requirement of infrastructure and has proposed a plan of constructing new infrastructure with all basic amenities such as separate wings for boys and girls, washroom facilities, storage facilities etc. Furthermore, The LBF is also planning to provide scholarships to these children for their higher education in future.